Corporate Governance System

Corporate governance principles

Protecting shareholder interests and rights

The Regulations on Preparing and Holding the General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC FPC (available on JSC FPC’s website) provide for the corporate governance rights of shareholders.

Protection of the interests and rights of the Company’s shareholders is ensured through a reliable method for recording their rights to shares — the share register is maintained by an independent entity.

During preparation for the General Meeting, shareholders are provided with details in addition to those required by law.

Equal treatment of all shareholders

Shareholders have equal and fair rights to share JSC FPC’s profit by receiving dividends. The Regulations on JSC FPC’s Dividend Policy establish a mechanism for determining the dividend amount and paying dividends.

All shareholders are provided with materials required for the General Meetings of Shareholders and have equal access to all required information at the Company’s office.

Timely disclosure of information

The Company ensures timely disclosure of information on its website and in the news feed of the information agency, which is authorised to disclose information about securities and other financial instruments.

Mutual trust and respect for all stakeholders

Relationships between the Company’s shareholders, members of the Board of Directors, and management are based on integrity, trust, mutual respect for legitimate interests, and all parties performing their obligations in good faith.