Uniting the country

Joint Stock Company Federal Passenger Company (JSC Federal Passenger Company) is the national passenger railway carrier of the Russian Federation. The Company offers passenger services using a rail network that is the third longest in the world. JSC FPC ensures transport accessibility and geographical connectivity of the far reaches of the country.

Объединяем страну
85,600 kilometres
the Company’s route network

Heading into the future

JSC FPC is the Russian leader in passenger mobility and an integrated provider of various modes of transport. The Company’s strategic goals are to increase travel speed, offer comprehensive door-to-door services and make passenger servicing as accessible, safe and comfortable as possible.

Стремимся в будущее
118 million people
planned to be serviced in 2025

Improving the present

In 2021, JSC FPC carried more than 81 million passengers, up 37.6% year-on-year. Passenger revenue increased by 45.4% and reached RUB 166.7 billion.

Улучшаем настоящее
33.9 RUB billion
allocated for the renovation of the carriage fleet in 2021

Protecting native nature

The railroad is one of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient modes of transportation. JSC FPC takes additional steps to minimize its impact on the environment and climate, and to protect the biodiversity of the areas its routes run through.

Оберегаем родную природу
five-year reduction in GHG emissions

Running the Company efficiently

JSC FPC’s corporate governance model is designed to meet the requirements of the Russian laws and the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code of the Bank of Russia. It aims to protect the interests of all shareholders and ensure transparency of decision-making and systematic risk management.

Эффективно управляем компанией
of principles of the Corporate Governance Code are fully or partially complied with